Tricks to improve reading skills

“You should read the newspaper every morning.” My mother used to tell me when I was a child. And as usual I always ignored it, thinking it was boring and useless. But now when I look back while sitting in an IELTS class, I feel I am so behind. And I feel this way because I am not able to compete with the growing trend of foreign language, English.

Every section of the exam is equally difficult and various tips and tricks are provided on different sources to help students get through difficult phases of the exam. THE MASTERS, one of the best IELTS institute in Chnadigarh says, reading section is a challenging section which requires strong concentration qualities and fast reading speed to complete the test in time.

Tips and tricks to improve the reading speed:

  • Articles and magazines: Reading section is an important section, where scores can be achieved easily if you are aware and fast at reading. Articles in newspapers or online reading can help maintain a good speed. Start timing your reading speed on a stopwatch. Pick any articles that interest you and start reading them. Try to read it in a particular time frame.Magazines come on a weekly basis or on a monthly basis. You can decide whatever topic you like and may just start reading it. Magazines are available in various categories such as lifestyle topics or educational topics or informative topics. In this way you develop a taste for reading and do not fall asleep when you read in the exam.
  • Pay attention to titles: While you are reading anything pay close attention to the title of what you are reading, this will help you in making a close observation as to what kind of words you will encounter. And if the title matches while you are attempting the reading section in your exam it becomes easier for you to attempt it, as you can read it faster because you have read it earlier in your practice session.
  • Predict words: When you have read a wide variety of articles or magazines and understand the sentence formation, you can predict the meaning of the words more frequently. Whenever there is blank asked to fill, you can predict the word for the blank if you have come across that type of sentence earlier in your reading practice sessions. Reading not only helps you solve the reading section it also helps you attempt other sections such as writing section.
  • Attention to keywords and vocabulary: Keep a close observation at keywords. Keywords are silent informative words which provide very easy and quick chance to understand the overall idea of the comprehensions or paragraphs given to be completed. Pay close attention to new keywords or new words and note down whatever new you encounter. They may be available in articles or magazines or newspaper.
  • Read newspaper: Make sure you start reading newspaper. Every morning when you get up first pick a newspaper because that is the time when your mind is fresh and will grasp the most out of the new information and new words. Newspaper is the one source that contains fresh and new information. Therefore, it is a required habit to develop.
  • Maintain a pocket dictionary: Best idea is to maintain a pocket dictionary. It comes in handy whenever you encounter some new words and you do not know the meaning, you can use the pocket dictionary right at that time. Keep a notepad along as well, so that you can note down the meaning and review it again. This will help you in your exam and you gain a high score.
  • Time management: One of the most important keywords is time management. If you want to complete the reading section in time you need to be quick in reading, and this can happen only if you have practiced enough in maintaining the speed. This can be maintained only if you practice by practicing under timely reading practice sessions. So, whenever you are reading keep a stopwatch nearby and then read. Try reading hundred words in thirty seconds. This will be a good speed.

IELTS is English proficiency test that is mandatory for the students to take if they wish to go for foreign universities. And this test is not just compulsory for students, whosoever wishes to go for permanent settlement or for working purposes, each one has to take the test and clear with acceptable score band. THE MASTERS, top IELTS institute in Chandigarh, provides you with the best possible material to improve your reading speed both in offline and online mode.

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