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Overview- Canada

The Masters – Canada Study Visa Consultants provides detailed information about Canada. Canada is located in the North American continent and spans a vast area from the Atlantic Ocean in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West, right up to the Arctic Ocean in the North. There are education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities galore and it is also the second largest cultural confluence with people from varied backgrounds and races living here. As one of the best countries to live in (Ranked by UN), the quality of life here is heralded around the world. The progressive political environment here is conducive for those seeking to be here both temporarily and permanently. The ample natural wealth and magnificent landscape, including gems such as the Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes, Banff and other National Parks, make it really sought after. Both French and English enjoy equal status in official and government documents owing to the country’s official bilingual status.



Why Canada ?

With more than 18,000 new students enrolling each year, Canada is a much sough after education destination for students from around the world.

High Education Quality

Recognized the world over, a degree from a Canadian university is widely respected and comes with the assurance of success in career for international students. With the competitive and high quality education here, they bring much value to their professional worth. As the largest higher education system in the world, its wonderful accreditation process and emphasis on quality make it one of the most loved as well.

Country Ranked Best

Being able to hold a conversation without fumbling for words or straining to understand the other person’s conversation is a big plus. We help you in being fluent through our real time practice.

Country Ranked Best

The government of Canada takes active steps to ensure the safety and security of students in its educational institutions. Programmes like “Walk Safe’ for students who use late hour transportation and 24x7 security arrangements of colleges and universities foster an environment of trust.

PR & Canadian Immigration

All students who meet the minimum eligibility criteria can apply for permanent residency in Canada.


As compared to other international education hubs like UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand, Canada offers the lowest tuition. While education in US can be inhibitive, at a reputable university in Canada, you pay about half of that and get an equally respected degree.

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