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The Masters – Australia Study Visa Consultants provide detailed information about Australia. As the 6th largest country in the world that is also a continent, the name Australia comes from the word ‘Australis’ which means southern. It has a total area of 7,741,220 square kilometres and its first inhabitants, the aborigines, descended from Southeast Asia 40,000 years ago and have a rich and vibrant heritage. A country with varied cultures and races, the country’s food, lifestyle and culture, all reflect this diversity. The cultural heritage of the place is a melting pot of the old and new, and of the various people from around the world who call Australia home. Blessed with immense natural beauty and bounty, it is renowned for its beaches and surf spots.; sports, adventure, education and more, Australia tops it all. Tourists throng to the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House among the manmade wonders. The major cities here are Perth and Sydney, with Canberra being the Capital. It has temperate climate with warm areas in the north and colder climate in the southern regions and snow during the cold months in mountains.

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Why Australia ?

As per the International Education Council, there is a forecast of a 30% increase in the number of international students in Australia within the next 7 years.

High Education Quality

Recognized the world over, a degree from a Canadian university is widely respected and comes with the assurance of success in career for international students. With the competitive and high quality education here, they bring much value to their professional worth. As the largest higher education system in the world, its wonderful accreditation process and emphasis on quality make it one of the most loved as well.

High Educational Quality

Education here is of the highest quality standards and the government here regulates and annually reviews all educational institutions to retain this standard. The degrees earned here are recognised the world over.

Contemporary Living

A safe country for international students, the cultural diversity ensures people from all backgrounds gel in easily and thrive harmoniously. The rich culture offers a vibrant array of experiences for students.

Moderate Cost of Living

Quiet affordable as compared to UK and USA, the standard of living here is excellent when compared to the cost of living.

Excellent Infrastructure

Modern infrastructure that is one of the very best around the world is matched by ample natural beauty. Seamless integration of modern day technology in every aspect makes it a dream place to live in.
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