Overview- New Zealand

The Masters – Canada Study Visa Consultants provides detailed information about Canada. Canada is located in the North American continent and spans a vast area from the Atlantic Ocean in the East to the Pacific Ocean in the West, right up to the Arctic Ocean in the North. There are education, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities galore and it is also the second largest cultural confluence with people from varied backgrounds and races living here. As one of the best countries to live in (Ranked by UN), the quality of life here is heralded around the world. The progressive political environment here is conducive for those seeking to be here both temporarily and permanently. The ample natural wealth and magnificent landscape, including gems such as the Niagara Falls, the Great Lakes, Banff and other National Parks, make it really sought after. Both French and English enjoy equal status in official and government documents owing to the country’s official bilingual status.



Why New Zealand ?

The Masters – New Zealand Study Visa Consultants provide detailed information about New Zealand .At a reasonable cost, you can get world class education here, along with a great standard of living. The place is quite cosmopolitan offering new courses and up to date market relevant education. There is a lot to appreciate here for students.

Safe and Harmonious

The friendly people here make it one of the safest places in the world. The government proactively safeguards its people. The law ensures freedom of expression and speech, and the law & order situation here is very peaceful.

Easy Living

A country with varied entertainment and leisure activities, there is something to appeal to everyone. So take up hiking, relax by the beach, shop till you drop and explore cultural entertainment, you will be spoilt for choice.

Thriving Economy

The market economy of New Zealand is excellent with thriving international trade ties.

Political Stability

Based on the British system, the government here is quite stable with Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state.


As in India, New Zealand’s three tier education system has primary, secondary and tertiary education. The cost of education here ranges between NZ$15,000-$25,000 per annum for undergraduate to NZ$30,000-$40,000 per annum for postgraduate education.

Lowest Corruption

On the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index, it is the highest rated, making it the least corrupt.

Reasonable Cost of Living

International students, many a times, can opt for campus stay or home stay or off campus accommodation. Being within easy reach of campus, students get the benefit of affordable accommodation without having to spend on commute.

Excellent Weather

It gets mild weather with summer, autumn and winter making for variance in temperature.

Skilled People in Demand

It is a dream destination for anyone looking for work opportunities as there is a shortage of skilled manpower, it is listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL). You can choose your line of work from amongst medicine, engineering, IT and a host of others.
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