My Journey to 8 Bands

My Journey to 8 Bands

I have always longed to lead an independent life, away from home. In my opinion, living alone in a face-paced city teaches you more than any kind of formal education. I wanted to get a taste of that life; grow personally and professionally. And so my quest began.

As most of you would know, one of the first major hurdles of moving abroad is to clear your IELTS examination. Getting a good score in your IELTS – The International English Language Testing System is a must if you’re moving to English speaking country. As per my profile, I needed a minimum of 7.5 bands in my IELTS to be eligible for acquiring a Canadian PR. I began sincerely coaching and gave a number of mock tests. After 4 months of practicing, I finally had the courage to appear for my IELTS; however, I only scored a 6.5. I re-appeared for the test in the next few weeks but got a 6.5 again. I was totally devastated as I could see my dream turning into dust.

At a friend’s recommendation, I went for the counseling session at The Masters Educators- Best IELTS Institute in Chandigarh. There I learned about their proprietary ONE by ONE technique. They’ve devised a mechanism to help you score high, one band at a time. Their teaching methodology and course material are structured as per different score levels. To put it in a nutshell – they have a different study book to take you from 5 bands to 6.5 bands, a different one to take you from 6.5 bands to 7.5 bands and so on. They assured me that all my training will be focused on taking me from my current 6.5 band score to 7.5 bands.

Although I enrolled in the class, I wasn’t very hopeful of a positive outcome. Within the first few sessions itself, I was infused with a new sense of optimism and enthusiasm. The teaching was very different from what I had been exposed to earlier. I was introduced to a new range of words which boosted my vocabulary. The various individual and group exercises considerably improved my speaking skills. A lot of useful tips and tricks were taught which I was completely unaware of earlier. Something as simple as underlying the keywords in the reading passage made a substantial impact on my speed and accuracy. I saw a tangible improvement in my understanding of grammar and sentence structure. I became more comfortable with writing complex sentences. We were basically learning and practicing every single day with increasing difficulty and momentum. One by One, our scores kept escalating in the mock tests. By the end of it, I was very confident and well-equipped to take on the exam.

It wasn’t a surprise when I scored an 8. I’m truly thankful to the mentors at The Masters Educators. They’ve truly mastered the art of imparting language skills – one of the most difficult things to teach. I’d recommend everyone to tackle IELTS One by One by the number ONE – Masters!

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